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1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EDT

A Call to Action: Honouring Diverse Communication Value Systems and Socialization Practices in Indigenous Contexts

The language used in the description reflects the language of the session.

This highly interactive session will encourage practitioners to hone their ability to think critically about the application of mainstream methods and tools when working with Indigenous clients and communities. Participants will be encouraged to create new methods and tools that honour local value systems and practices surrounding communication. The presenter will discuss some of the core strengths found in many Indigenous families that can be built upon in practice, including story-telling, land-based learning, and listening. Attention to distinctive features of speech and communication systems, often referred to as First Nations English dialects, will be discussed. Working in small groups, participants will explore how their awareness of distinctive communication systems and strengths in Indigenous contexts has affected the ways in which they provide services.

Learning objectives:

  • Enhance awareness of cultural diversity in communication values and socialization practices.
  • Be able to describe frequently encountered features of Indigenous language practices.
  • Know promising ways to honour Indigenous speech and language systems in practice?


Intended Audience

Speech-Language Pathologists, Communication Health Assistants, Students

Age Group(s)

Pre-School (0-4), School Aged (5-17), Adult (18-64), Senior (65+)