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11:00 AM – 12:30 PM EDT

Assessing Entry-To-Practice: The New Canadian Assessment of Clinical Competence (ACC-SLP/AUD)

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Susan J Wagner, B.Sc. (SPA), M.Sc. (CD), Reg. CASLPO, S-LP(C), University of Toronto; Lu-Anne McFarlane, M.Sc., University of Alberta; Justine Hamilton, M.Cl.Sc., Reg. CASLPO, M.B.A., McMaster University; Lynn Ellwood, B.Sc. (CD), M.H.Sc., Reg. CASLPO, SLP(C), M.B.A., University of Toronto; The Canadian Academic Coordinators/Directors of Clinical Education.

Objectively assessing clinical competence is essential to the quality of speech-language pathology and audiology services. Consequently, regulators, professional associations, accreditors, educational programs, learners, faculty and clinicians are integrating national competency profiles into their systems. Following an overview of key features and concepts related to competency-based education and assessment, this mini-seminar introduces the new Canadian Assessment of Clinical Competence (ACC-SLP/AUD). This national clinical education assessment tool, including milestones or developmental stages of a specific competence, will be explored through student scenarios. Participants will apply competency-based assessment principles using examples from the tool to enable application to their own contexts.



Intended Audience

Speech-Language Pathologists, Communication Health Assistants, Students

Age Group(s)

Pre-School (0-4), School Aged (5-17), Adult (18-64), Senior (65+)