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3:50 PM – 4:35 PM EDT

Outcomes Management for Speech-Language Services in Ontario Schools: A Directed Content Analysis

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Peter T Cahill, McMaster University; Stella Ng, University of Toronto; Leah Dix, McMaster University; Lyn Turkstra, McMaster University; Mark A Ferro, University of Waterloo; Wenonah N Campbell, McMaster University.

Assessing, measuring, and managing outcomes in schools is challenging, as schools are complex practice environments with both health and educational influences. Additionally, school-based service delivery has rapidly evolved towards tiered approaches, introducing another potential challenge as outcomes management depends on service design. We explored how outcomes were being managed in Ontario school boards in anticipation of a provincial transition to tiered services. Preliminary results indicate that clinicians have developed diverse techniques to measure, assess, and manage outcomes. However, the transition to tiered approaches requires additional innovation to assess and manage a broader set of outcome concepts across tiers.



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Speech-Language Pathologists

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School Aged (5-17)