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“I want to appreciate the person that I am”: Transgender Communication Experiences Across Gender Identities

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Jingyu Linna Jin, MScA, CCC-SLP, S-LP(C); Jeffrey Teixeira, MD; Michael Nuara, MD; Kathryn Yorkston, PhD, BC-ANCDS; Carolyn Baylor, PhD, CCC-SLP.

A qualitative study was conducted to understand the communication experiences of transgender individuals, and the similarities and differences of experiences across gender identities. Themes that emerged from the data revealed the interactions among authenticity, safety, societal expectations, and time in how they communicated with others. While transgender individuals worked towards different communication styles that matched their unique gender expressions, they shared similar experiences in navigating existing social norms. Findings support the need for a holistic approach to gender affirming care in therapy, particularly in meeting transgender clients’ personal goals for communication expression regardless of their gender identities.



Intended Audience

Speech-Language Pathologists, Communication Health Assistants, Students

Age Group(s)

Adult (18-64)

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