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A Group-Based Intervention to Promote Therapeutic Adherence and Prevent Chemoradiotherapy-Induced Dysphagia: A Retrospective Study

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Cindy Levesque-Boissonneault, M.Sc. Orthophoniste; Nancy Latulippe, MPO; Edith Fillion, MD; Houda Bahig, MD; Apostolos Christopoulos, MD; Anh Khoi Patrick Nguyen, MPO; Stéphanie Emond, MPO; Charles Martin, MPO; Johannes Frasnelli, PhD; Marie-Eve Caty, PhD.

This retrospective study assesses the effectiveness of an innovative group-based intervention to prevent concurrent chemotherapy and radiotherapy (CCRT) induced-dysphagia. Results show better outcomes for the group-based intervention, as compared to individual swallowing therapy, with regard to the proportion of nasogastric tube placements and post-treatment dysphagia severity. This study supports the relevance of a group-based intervention to prevent dysphagia associated with CCRT. Its results will contribute to improve clinical practices in oncology.



Intended Audience

Speech-Language Pathologists, Students

Age Group(s)

Adult (18-64), Senior (65+)

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