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Language Acquisition Over Time for Children in a Minority Language Context

The language used in the description reflects the language of the session.


Céline St-Onge, B.Sc.S. Orthophonie; Chantal Mayer-Crittenden, B.A., M.Sc.S., PhD.

This research aimed to determine if there is a shift in language dominance for TD children and children with DLD from JK to grade 3, and if so, which language domains are most affected. Previously collected data from bilingual TD children and bilingual children with DLD was analyzed. The language domains examined were; expressive language, receptive language, information processing, pre-reading abilities and written language. Overall, children obtained higher scores in the English language overtime with a shift occurring mostly between grade 1 and grade 3. Furthermore, children with DLD appeared to be more heavily impacted by the majority language.



Intended Audience

Speech-Language Pathologists, Communication Health Assistants, Students

Age Group(s)

School Aged (5-17)