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15 h 00 – 16 h 00 EDT

Valves, Pumps and Tubes: A (Bio)Mechanical Perspective on the Aerodigestive Tract Following Critical Illness

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Care provision for survivors of critical illness relies on dynamic knowledge of multiple integrated body systems, disease mechanisms and medical interventions. The aerodigestive tract (AT), one such system, performs multiple functions like breathing and swallowing. Whether due to their illness or iatrogenesis, many survivors of critical illness face challenges during recovery, including dysphagia. A cross-systems approach to swallowing provides some basis for how its function is hindered or facilitated in both health and disease. Furthermore, understanding the connection among AT biomechanics and complex pathophysiologies following critical illness may inform swallowing screening, assessment and rehabilitation in this population. This session will explore an integrated AT framework both in health and following critical illness, particularly for those receiving invasive ventilation, discuss current research and consider implications for swallowing assessment and dysphagia management.

Learning objectives:

Attendees will be able to:

  • Describe multi-system integration during swallowing in both health and critical illness.
  • Understand emerging swallowing profiles and dysphagia risk factors following invasive ventilation.
  • Explore a cross-systems conceptual framework for swallowing assessment and dysphagia management following critical illness and invasive ventilation.


Auditoire cible

Orthophonistes, Étudiants

Groupes d’âge

Les adultes (de 18 à 64 ans)