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11 h 30 – 12 h 30 EDT

Deconstructing “Hard to Serve” in Approaches with Indigenous Clients and Communities

La langue utilisée dans la description reflète la langue de la séance.

This highly interactive session will explore how a relational approach to practice with Indigenous clients and communities can yield positive results. Participants will consider how many of the methods and tools that are considered mainstays of professional practice are not working with Indigenous clients or in Indigenous community contexts. The presenter will discuss the concept of cultural safety and what professionals can do to increase client’s experiences of cultural safety. The presentation will also highlight the value of partnerships with families and communities, rather than an expert-client dichotomy in assessment and intervention. Working in small groups, participants will explore how these concepts and approaches can be applied in their own practice.

Learning objectives:

  • Enhance awareness of cultural safety and how self-location can influence practice.
  • Be able to identify indicators of cultural unsafety in client’s responses to S-LP services.
  • Heighten consciousness of how the professional canon of methods and tools can be broadened to bring a critical perspective to practice with culturally diverse clients.
  • Identify ways to partner with families and community programs.


Auditoire cible

Orthophonistes, Aides en santé de la communication, Étudiants

Groupes d’âge

Les enfants d’âge préscolaire (de 0 à 4 ans), Les enfants d’âge scolaire (de 5 à 17 ans)