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15 h 00 – 16 h 30 EDT

The 3 M’s: From Mentee to Mentor to Management

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“Oh the places you’ll go!” – Dr. Seuss

Have you ever thought about branching out in your practice? Are there positions that interest you but you are not sure if you are a good fit? Is the landscape in your area changing and you wonder how it will impact your service? How do S-LPs evolve?

In this session, we will explore the career paths of speech-language pathologists who have taken on differing roles in their careers: that of SAC mentee, SAC mentor, private practitioner, manager and administrator. Each panel member will provide insight into their career path choices as well as the supports and experiences that led them to their current roles. Panel members will also discuss how S-LPs can leverage their unique skill sets to assume a variety of roles.



Auditoire cible

Orthophonistes, Aides en santé de la communication, Étudiants

Groupes d’âge

Les enfants d’âge préscolaire (de 0 à 4 ans), Les enfants d’âge scolaire (de 5 à 17 ans), Les adultes (de 18 à 64 ans), Les personnes âgées (65 ans et plus)