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15 h 45 – 16 h 15 EDT

The Modified Token Test: A New Way to Assess Working Memory and Linguistic Skills

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Theresa Pham, University of Western Ontario; Lisa Archibald, PhD, University of Western Ontario.

To process sentences, children use working memory (WM) – the ability to retain and process the sentences – and language knowledge. Speech-language pathologists (S-LPs) therefore need to understand whether WM and/or language weakness underlie poor language performance. The Token Test, wherein sentences vary in length and syntactic complexity, might help S-LPs in practice. We studied the test’s structure and found: (1) a verbal WM component consisted of long (and syntactically consistent) sentences, and (2) a linguistic factor that included syntactically complex sentences. Our modified Token Test is a promising tool that could be used to disentangle WM and linguistic knowledge.


Theresa Pham, PhD, MClSc



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Orthophonistes, Étudiants

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Les enfants d’âge préscolaire (de 0 à 4 ans), Les enfants d’âge scolaire (de 5 à 17 ans)