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The Correlation Between Risk Factors of Developmental Language Disorder and Language Scores in Preschoolers

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Janine O'Coin, BHSc, Laurentian University; Roxanne Belanger, MHSc, PhD, Laurentian University.

Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) affects approximately 7% of all children. However, the identification of preschool children with developmental language disorders (DLD) is a difficult task because current tools lack adequate sensitivity and specificity for predicting which preschoolers will go on to receive a DLD diagnosis. This research project aims to address this issue by investigating the contribution of risk factors at birth on the language skills of typically developing unilingual and bilingual preschool children. Preliminary results showed significant correlations between multiple measures of language development. These results will be beneficial for clinicians working with the preschool population.


Janine O’Coin, BHSc



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Orthophonistes, Aides en santé de la communication, Étudiants

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Les enfants d’âge préscolaire (de 0 à 4 ans), Les enfants d’âge scolaire (de 5 à 17 ans)