Supporting Clients Through Grief and Loss

Speech-language pathologists and audiologists frequently work with clients/patients as they face new, and often life altering, diagnoses. Without time and space for grief and loss it can be difficult to move forward in other life and work domains. including other therapies that are needed. This presentation will introduce clinicians to the basics of working with […]

Accessibility for Canadians with Hearing Loss

People with hearing loss face significant challenges communicating and accessing information. This presentation will discuss existing Canadian federal and provincial legislation (e.g., Human Rights Codes, Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act) designed to improve access for people with disabilities including hearing loss. Areas in which improvements have been made will be highlighted; however, there remain […]

Charting Your Course: Essential Steps for Launching a Successful Audiology Practice

So you think you want to open your own independent audiology private practice? There are many things to consider before embarking on this exciting venture, including finding a location, equipment, staffing, business plan, marketing, range of services, while positioning yourself against the competition. There are endless tasks to check off your list, and it can […]

Resilience Rally: Responding to Cognitive Dissonance and Moral Injury at Work

« I know you need a break, but can you take on three new clients because we are short staffed? » « Of course, do what is best for your client, but be sure to reach our hearing aid sales target this month. » Exhausted? Frustrated? Disillusioned? It is not you! Many professionals are experiencing cognitive dissonance and moral […]

Beyond Silos: Integrating Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists into Primary Care Teams

Canadians address their health care needs with their family physician in primary care settings. With record high population growth, a growing understanding of the importance of early childhood intervention, and an increasingly elderly population there is a recognized need for primary healthcare reform. This reform is happening globally, endorsed by the World Health Organization and […]

From Concepts to Collaboration: Navigating Challenges and Opportunities for Audiologists in Primary Care Teams

Alongside the “Beyond Silos” and “From Words to Wellness” presentations, this session stems from the Canadian Workforce Solutions Program to explore the perspectives of audiologists in navigating comprehensive interprofessional primary care (CIPC) teams. Data will be presented from a Concept Mapping study, providing an in-depth understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by audiologists and […]

Communication Access: Inform and Inspire

Our goal is to create a healthcare environment that anticipates and responds to the needs of people with speech, language, and hearing difficulties. Across Alberta, we have initiated a province wide quality improvement initiative across the continuum of care. Authors Julie Evans, MSc, R.SLP, S-LP(C), CHE, Alberta Health Services Tanis Howarth, MSc, R.Aud, Aud(C) Crystal […]

The ACC: a New Tool to Assess and Develop Clinical Competence in Students

Are you interested in educating your future colleagues? The Canadian Assessment of Clinical Competence (ACC-SLP/AUD) is a new bilingual clinical education tool that university programs will implement in 2024. A unique feature of the ACC is the inclusion of milestones, a practical and objective roadmap that supports clinical educators to assess and scaffold student learning […]

Changing the Trajectory for Autistic Youth in Adult Transitions Through Community-Based Research

Challenges for autistic youth transitioning into adulthood exist in health services transitions (i.e., paediatric to adult care), as well as in developmental transitions into adult roles (e.g., employment, post-secondary education). After high school, autistic youth face challenges in entering employment and post-secondary education. As adults, autistics often face challenges in securing and maintaining paid employment […]

Challenges and Successes of Today’s Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students

Hearing technologies, newborn hearing screening and changes in educational philosophy have produced paradigmatic changes for deaf and hard of hearing students at school over the past 25 years. What does this look like in practice though? This seminar will describe models of service delivery, outcomes, and technology available for students, and will provide a forum […]