Audiology Eras Tour

The professional field of Audiology emerged after WWII, when veterans returned with symptoms of noise-induced hearing loss. This prompted the development of standardized hearing assessment and rehabilitation procedures, eventually leading to formal university training programs in audiology. In those days, audiologists worked primarily out of ENT clinics and hospitals. Today, the field of audiology has significantly evolved to be more than providing a standard hearing test and hearing aid fitting. Audiologists can work in a variety of diagnostic, research and rehabilitation settings that are client-centred and interdisciplinary, providing multi-faceted services for a wide range of populations. 

In this presentation, three audiologists who entered the field of audiology at different decades will speak about their experiences in various clinical, community, r academic environments, in various roles as clinician, researcher, educator and/or advocate.  

As SAC celebrates its 60th anniversary, join us on a tour of Audiology experiences at different eras!

  • Grace Shyng, Co-Founder and Director of Audiology, Network Hearing Health; Port Coquitlam, BC.
  • Marilyn Reed, Audiologist – Baycrest Health Sciences Centre; Toronto, ON
  • Dr. Susan Scollie, Professor – Faculty of Health Sciences, Director; National Centre for Audiology, Western University; London, ON 
  • Elissa Robb, Educational Audiologist – Coquitlam School District, Member; Canadian Hard of Hearing Association of BC; Port Coquitlam, BC