May 10, 2024


2:15 pm

3:45 pm

Until Every Student CAN Read: Unpacking the OHRC’s Right to Read Recommendations

The Ontario Human Rights Commission’s Right to Read Report released in February 2022 has initiated, in several provinces, a major reform of pedagogical practices relating to the teaching and learning of reading and writing in educational settings. This presentation will highlight the recommendations brought forward by the OHRC, thus shedding light on who is responsible for their implementation, the benefits of adhering to them, and the risks associated with resisting their implementation. This overview will allow participants to learn how best to meet the literacy needs of all learners by:

  • eliminating methods that have not led to developing independent reading skills;
  • promoting strategies, methods and interventions that align with the principles of the science of reading; and
  • adopting an inclusive philosophy centered on the universal design of learning to guide all learners on their path to success.
Handouts and Certificate