May 11, 2024


9:15 am

10:45 am

Towards Generalization: Use of Intrinsic Targets in Therapy for Speech Sound Disorders

Intervention for Speech Sound Disorders often focuses on specific articulation, phonological or motor-based goals tailored to individual clients. However, achieving lasting and widespread improvements in speech sound production requires a shift towards a more generalized approach. This presentation explores the concept of generalizing goals in speech therapy by ensuring targets that are intrinsic to activities are selected, aiming to enhance overall communication competence.

This presentation aims to encourage Communication Health Assistants and Speech language Pathologists to adopt a more comprehensive and generalized perspective when selecting articulation targets by using targets that are intrinsic to an activity. By doing so, the therapy team can empower their clients with the tools needed to communicate effectively across diverse settings, fostering lasting improvements in speech sound production.

Handout and Certificate