May 11, 2024


11:15 am

12:45 pm

Thinking about Hearing Aids: from Technological Advances to Person-Centred Approaches

It doesn’t matter how good hearing aid technology or fitting practices are if potential hearing aid users don’t walk through the front door of our clinics looking for hearing health care. In this presentation we will take a retrospective journey to review how far we’ve come in the past 25 years in terms of hearing aids. The presentation will discuss how as a field, and for me personally, we have transitioned from focusing on technology to a broader, person-centred or client-centred approach. We will review the rapid advances in hearing aid technology over the past couple of decades, then discuss the rise in thinking about the interconnection of technological and social factors in determining successful hearing health care access, uptake of hearing aids, and ultimately successful use.

Handouts and Certificate