May 9, 2024


2:30 pm

4:00 pm

Re-imagining Hearing Health Care in Long-Term Care

The high prevalence of hearing loss among residents living in Long-Term Care (LTC) settings is fully acknowledged by Audiologists, Long-Term Care service providers, residents, and their families.

Hearing loss frequently coexists with other sensory impairments, cognitive changes, and health status challenges. The resultant communication barriers often lead to disengagement from previously enjoyed activities, social isolation, and loneliness, which may significantly impact quality of life. We all have a role in enhancing hearing health care in LTC. This panel will share different approaches and perspectives regarding this vital area of service.  

Attendees will learn about the SAC Audiology Services in LTC Working Group national advocacy proposal and an in-house Audiology service established within an interprofessional team model in the Veterans Centre, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. Practical approaches to the integration of audiology services into LTC will be highlighted as will the challenges. The discussion will include references to current research on the education of teams in LTC and the needs and expectations involved in knowledge translation regarding practices and program delivery.