May 11, 2024


9:15 am

10:00 am

Pulsing, Zooming and Other Fun Voice Therapy Techniques

Voice therapy programs should be accessible, motivating, fun and founded on sound physiological principles. Techniques that integrate optimized speech breathing, relaxed laryngeal function, enhanced resonance and reliable kinaesthetic feedback allow acquisition of the complex motor behaviour of speaking with a healthy voice.

This hands-on/voice-on workshop will explore physiological foundations of “pulsing” and “zooming” as approaches that integrate multiple levels of vocal function from speech breathing to resonance enhancement. The adaptability of these techniques for speech level skill acquisition will be experienced by participants. We will discuss integration of these voice therapy approaches with common voice techniques such as SOVTE.

  • Linda Rammage, MSc, PhD, RSLP, S-LP(C), Vocalizing with Ease
Handouts & Certificate