May 11, 2024


10:00 am

10:45 am

Providence Health Care’s S-LP in Long-Term Care Initiative

This presentation will describe how one speech-language pathology team implemented recommendations stated in SAC’S Position Paper, “The Role of S-LPs in Long Term Care”. We will share our experience of expanding speech-language pathology services to a number of long-term care sites in our region to become fully integrated interdisciplinary team members. We will address challenges and potential pitfalls of developing and delivering a brand new service and share creative solutions and results of this initiative. We hope that others will take inspiration from our experiences and use it to jump start speech-language pathology services to care homes in their regions.

  • Tara Chen, Providence Health Care
  • Vicki Tsui, Professional Practice Lead, Speech-Language Pathology, Providence Health Care
Handouts and Certificate