May 9, 2024


4:45 pm

5:30 pm

Introducing a New Framework for Writing Goals and Hierarchies

A fundamental component of clinical practice is the creation of treatment goals, treatment progression hierarchies, and prompting hierarchies. Despite guidance such as SMART formatting, goals are often not worded specifically enough to be clear, unambiguous, and measurable to clients and colleagues. In addition, treatment progression hierarchies and prompting hierarchies are often confused and variably employed. These challenges result in reduced transparency and reliability of outcome measurement, not to mention effectiveness in training how to plan and implement intervention. Utilizing principles from the Rehabilitation Treatment Specification System, the new BAMSHI Framework seeks to solve this problem.

  • Cassandra Kerr, MClSc, St. Mary’s Hospital
  • Erin Hopkins, MSc
  • Justine Hamilton, MClSc, MBA
Handouts and Certificate