May 10, 2024


11:15 am

12:45 pm

Expanding Services through Community-Engaged Research: Collaborating Across Disciplines and Stakeholders to Optimize Outcomes and Drive Change

Effective interventions and associated trials reflect the complexity and context of the communities with which they are tailored and the health behaviors they seek to address. Community-engaged methodology can capture these complexities and is an established approach within public health, particularly when focused on understanding and addressing health inequities. For example, within hearing care, significant disparities persist despite the highly prevalent nature of age-related hearing loss and relatively few hearing-related trials include representation that reflect the diversity within our populations. Novel approaches are needed to address long-standing inequities and increase the diversity of participants within research and to drive systemic change in how care is delivered. This session will discuss applying the principles of community-engaged research and its application within the context of delivering novel hearing care programs in a variety of communities in the US and Canada.