May 10, 2024


9:00 am

10:30 am

Changing the Trajectory for Autistic Youth in Adult Transitions Through Community-Based Research

Challenges for autistic youth transitioning into adulthood exist in health services transitions (i.e., paediatric to adult care), as well as in developmental transitions into adult roles (e.g., employment, post-secondary education). After high school, autistic youth face challenges in entering employment and post-secondary education. As adults, autistics often face challenges in securing and maintaining paid employment when compared to the general population – disproportionately unemployed, underemployed and mal-employed. Autistic post-secondary students also experience challenges in completing their training with reports of up to 80% of students unable to graduate.

This presentation will examine these transition issues for autistic youth moving into adult roles and models to guide S-LP in exploring how to address these challenges. Projects involving S-LPs on inter-professional teams will be described to demonstrate how community-based solutions are aiming to change the trajectory for autistic youth to have better employment and post-secondary education outcomes. Reflections on the role of S-LPs in community-based projects will be explored to examine how S-LPs who follow evidence-informed practice can help to re-define what it means to be a clinician-researcher.